12 Jan 2012

Stupid. Just so... Stupid.

It's kind of funny how people are capable of doing awful/cruel/horrible things, even to their loved ones. Actually, no. It's not funny. It's stupid. And childish. I wish I could take it back. All of it. 

No one can help me with this. This is something I have to do by myself.

No amount of apologies is gonna make this guilt go away.

And I know that. But again, I'm sorry. You deserve better.

6 Jan 2012

It's A Start

It's only been a week since I passed my test and I was actually allowed to drive on my own today. Not bad. Considering it took my brother at least more than a few weeks till he was allowed to do that.

So... Holidays almost over.
Let's see what I've accomplished so far.

  1. Laze around.
  2. "Worked" with my dad for a while.
  3. Got my P.
  4. Finished reading one book.
  5. Laze around some more.
  6. Hang out with friends.
It's sad to say that I'm somehow proud to say this has been my most productive holidays ever despite all my lazing around, bad sleeping/eating habits and the lack of exercise. 

The process of changing truly is hard. It's frustrating, really. Every time I make progress, something pulls me back to the dark side. God, help me.

Oh wait! I realized that I've accomplished something else which I didn't include in the list. Something far better than my other "great" achievements throughout my not-so-productive holidays. 

The best part of me isn't and will never be me.
It's the people I'm lucky enough to have in my life.

Thank You.